With COVID-19 dominating the news over the past several months, we want to assure you that OSI is doing everything practical to ensure our team and those we encounter remain healthy.  We are also actively continuing to maintain and expand our extensive support resources to be able to rapidly and fully assist our Clients with their marine survey needs.

If there are any questions, please contact one of our section managers at 860-388-4631:

John Bean (Hydrography)  jrb@oceansurveys.com   ext. 148
Ken Cadmus (Coastal Sciences)  kac@oceansurveys.com  ext. 126
John Sullivan (GeoSciences)  jds@oceansurveys.com  ext. 114

Breakwater Fig. 2


OSI offers a broad range of services in hydrography, geophysics, oceanography, sediment sampling, precise positioning, and underwater inspection operations.

Multibeam Surveys
G&G and HRG Fig. 1
Geophysical Surveys
G&G and HRG
Vibratory Coring (Vibracore)
Vibratory Coring
Structure Inspections
Beach Profiling Surveys
Profiling Surveys
Current Velocity Measurements
Current Velocity Measurements
Surface and Subsurface Navigation
Surface and Subsurface Navigation
Underwater Infrastructure Inspections
Underwater Infrastructure Inspections
Benthic Habitat Documentation
Benthic Habitat Documentation
More Services


Ocean Surveys, Inc. has successfully completed site investigations in 38 states and 44 countries across 6 continents.

Breakwater Fig. 2
Breakwater Inspection:
Portage, Indiana
Searsport Fig. 2
Archaeological Investigation:
Searsport, Maine
Navigable Waterways Fig. 8
Charting Navigable
Pier Inspection Fig. 4
Pier Inspection:
Thule, Greenland
Superfund Site Fig. 1
Hazardous Materials Investigation: Superfund Site
Wind Farm Development:
Offshore Rhode Island
Ocean Outfall Fig. 2
Ocean Outfall Monitoring:
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Thermal Discharge Plume Characterization: Oswego, New York
Thermal Discharge Plume Characterization: New York
Coastal Monitoring Fig. 2
Coastal Monitoring:
Offshore Delaware
Wastewater Treatment Fig. 6
Wastewater Treatment and Disposal: Alexandria, Egypt
Beach Profiling: Coastal New Jersey
Beach Profiling:
Coastal New Jersey
Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York
Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York
Marsh Restoration Fig. 3
Marsh Restoration:
Whiskey Island, Louisiana
Submarine Outfall Placement: Offshore of Sosua, Dominican Republic
Submarine Outfall Placement:
Offshore Dominican Republic
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