Ocean Surveys, Inc. has successfully completed site investigations in 38 states and 44 countries across 6 continents.

Breakwater Fig. 2
Breakwater Inspection:
Portage, Indiana
Archaeological Investigation Fig. 2
Archaeological Investigation:
Searsport, Maine
Charting Navigable Waterways Fig. 8
Charting Navigable
Pier Inspection Fig. 4
Pier Inspection:
Thule, Greenland
Hazardous Materials Fig. 1
Hazardous Materials Investigation: Superfund Site
Wind Farm Development:
Offshore Rhode Island
Ocean Outfall Fig. 2
Ocean Outfall Monitoring:
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Thermal Discharge Plume Characterization: Oswego, New York
Thermal Discharge Plume Characterization: New York
Coastal Monitoring Fig. 2
Coastal Monitoring:
Offshore Delaware
Wastewater Treatment Fig. 6
Wastewater Treatment and Disposal: Alexandria, Egypt
Beach Profiling: Coastal New Jersey
Beach Profiling:
Coastal New Jersey
Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York
Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York
Marsh Restoration Fig. 3
Marsh Restoration:
Whiskey Island, Louisiana
Submarine Outfall Placement: Offshore of Sosua, Dominican Republic
Submarine Outfall Placement:
Offshore Dominican Republic
Mackinac Fig. 1
Bridge Scour Investigation:
Mackinac, Michigan
Reservoir Analysis Fig. 2
Reservoir Safe Yield Analysis: Lynchburg, Virginia
TSS Fig. 1
Total Suspended Sediment Monitoring: Long Island Sound
Thermal Plume Fig. 1
Thermal Plume Study:
Ontario, New York
Water Circulation: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Water Circulation:
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Hydraulic Study: Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey
Hydraulic Study: Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey
Sedimentation Study Fig. 2
Sedimentation Study: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Dredge and Disposal Fig. 3
Dredging and Disposal:
Boston Harbor
Submarine Cable Fig. 2
Submarine Cable and Pipeline Routing: Massachusetts Bay
Expanding Navigable Waterways: Savannah, Georgia
Expanding Navigable
Power Generation and Distribution: Puerto Cortes, Honduras
Power Generation and Distribution: Honduras
Tide Monitoring: Southport, Connecticut
Tide Monitoring:
Southport, Connecticut