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Subbottom Profile Surveys

Subbottom profiling surveys use seismic reflection systems to ‘map’ the stratigraphy of the sediments in the subsurface.  Ocean Surveys uses several types of state-of-the-art subbottom profilers, operating over a wide range of frequencies, in order to provide both high resolution and adequate depth of penetration into the subbottom layers.  A typical system includes a towed vehicle housing transducers.  The system sends out an acoustic signal (sound wave) and records the time it takes and the strength of the sound wave energy reflected off of successive interfaces, or layers in the subsurface, allowing for the construction of a cross-sectional profile of the subsurface.  Geotechnical data such as vibratory cores or borings are used to correlate the acoustic reflectors with sedimentary interfaces to provide our clients with important insight into the composition and thickness of the subsurface material.

Examples of subbottom profiling data utilization include:

  • Location of relic channels, subsurface boulders, and bedrock depth
  • Mapping sediment borrow area horizontal and vertical extents
  • Calculating the volume of material available for removal, as well as the amount of overburden material
  • Locating buried utilities such as pipelines and cables

Representative Projects

Archaeological Investigation Fig. 2

Archaeological Investigation: Searsport, Maine

Using marine geophysical techniques, Ocean Surveys conducted an archaeological investigation in Searsport Harbor, Maine. It was completed in support of a channel deepening project performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (New England District). The investigation was designed to ...
Expanding Navigable Waterways: Savannah, Georgia

Expanding Navigable Waterways: Savannah, Georgia

A geophysical survey investigation in the Savannah River Entrance Channel was conducted by Ocean Surveys for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The investigation was specifically designed to complement and expand upon subbottom data that was previously acquired by OSI ...
Marsh Restoration Fig. 3

Marsh Restoration: Whiskey Island, Louisiana

Integrated hydrographic/geophysical surveys and a vibratory coring program were completed in the Gulf of Mexico in the waters offshore of Whiskey Island, Louisiana for the LDNR and The United States Environmental Protection Agency. OSI completed these investigations under subcontract to ...
Submarine Cable Fig. 2

Submarine Cable and Pipeline Routing: Massachusetts Bay

Ocean Surveys, Inc. initially performed a desktop study to compile geologic, oceanographic, sediment chemistry, and marine activity background information supporting the feasibility assessment of the project. This research was followed by a reconnaissance level marine geophysical survey along an alignment ...

Wind Farm Development: Atlantic Ocean, Offshore Rhode Island

From 2009 to 2017, OSI provided extensive survey and data analysis for the wind farm development offshore Rhode Island. These services were performed in support of all phases of the design, permitting, and construction of five wind turbines, inter-array, and ...