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Vibratory Coring

Vibratory coring techniques are utilized for the acquisition of coarser, unconsolidated sediments or when longer cores are required.

OSI operates a wide variety of custom-made vibratory corers from small portable units to large pneumatic corers capable of acquiring core samples up to 40 feet in length. OSI’s corers can be utilized in both shallow water and offshore applications. The typical core rig is comprised of steel or aluminum core barrels that are 3″ or 4″ in diameter with varying lengths. Core barrels are most often fitted with a polycarbonate core liner, a cutter head, and a core catcher.

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OSI’s coring rigs are deployed on numerous environmental and construction projects. Cores are analyzed for geological and geotechnical properties, and/or contaminants. Coring is also used as a tool for ground-truthing seismic reflection data supporting projects like sediment borrow area delineation and Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) capping programs.

Representative Projects

Dredge and Disposal Fig. 3

Dredging and Disposal: Boston Harbor

Ocean Surveys supported a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers funded program involving monitoring and improving the use of Confined Aquatic Disposal (CAD) cells as an alternative for contaminated sediment management.Related Projects ...
Hazardous Materials Fig. 1

Hazardous Materials Investigation: Superfund Site

Ocean Surveys conducted a hazardous materials investigation through extensive sediment sampling, in-situ ground water migration, vane shear and mini-cone penetrometer testing at a designated Superfund site located in the northeastern US. This work was part of a supplemental data investigation ...
Marsh Restoration Fig. 3

Marsh Restoration: Whiskey Island, Louisiana

Integrated hydrographic/geophysical surveys and a vibratory coring program were completed in the Gulf of Mexico in the waters offshore of Whiskey Island, Louisiana for the LDNR and The United States Environmental Protection Agency. OSI completed these investigations under subcontract to ...
Submarine Cable Fig. 2

Submarine Cable and Pipeline Routing: Massachusetts Bay

Ocean Surveys, Inc. initially performed a desktop study to compile geologic, oceanographic, sediment chemistry, and marine activity background information supporting the feasibility assessment of the project. This research was followed by a reconnaissance level marine geophysical survey along an alignment ...

Wind Farm Development: Atlantic Ocean, Offshore Rhode Island

From 2009 to 2017, OSI provided extensive survey and data analysis for the wind farm development offshore Rhode Island. These services were performed in support of all phases of the design, permitting, and construction of five wind turbines, inter-array, and ...