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Beach Profiling Surveys

Beach elevation profile surveys allow temporal and spatial changes in beach form and volume to be measured and quantified. The data are used by agencies and decision makers to make informed determinations about shore protection and management.  Profile accuracy and timely data collection are crucial elements of any beach monitoring or beach re-nourishment program.

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The dynamics present in ocean/surf-zone/beach interface creates unique challenges to the hydrographic surveyor.  OSI hydrographers use offshore survey vessels (e.g. single beam), sea-sled surf zone topography, and topographic land surveying techniques to produce seamless beach profiles.  Beginning behind the dune, these profiles continue down the beach face and through the surf to a point a mile offshore.  OSI uses RTK GPS for positioning to ensure that tidal zoning assumptions do not impact vertical accuracy.  Quality assurance checks are strictly observed (including substantial method overlap) ensuring full-length profile accuracy.

Representative Projects

Beach Profiling: Coastal New Jersey

Beach Profiling: Coastal New Jersey

OSI has supported various U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts' coastal engineering missions since 1994 with beach profiling surveys. In the vicinity of Ocean City, New Jersey, three-dimensional data were acquired using a combination of topographic, mini sea-sled, and automated ...