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Surface and Subsurface Navigation

Ocean Surveys regularly supports construction and inspection projects which require surface and subsurface navigation services such as surface vessel and underwater vehicle/diver positioning. In provision of these services, Ocean Surveys employs a company-owned inventory of inertial-RTK GNSS positioning systems, telemetry systems, and Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) acoustic positioning instrumentation. In practice, all positioning sources are interfaced to onboard and remote instances of HYPACK via direct or wireless Ethernet connection. HYPACK then functions as the nexus for all the project operators. Ocean Surveys pre-construction or interim-construction remote sensing products are often used as HYPACK navigation screen overlays during construction or inspections activities, e.g. multibeam surfaces, magnetic target positions, and contours. Typical applications include:

  • Pipeline/cable lay-barge navigation
  • Anchor handling vessel navigation
  • Pipeline/cable lay plow or jet sled navigation
  • Pipeline/cable remediation barge and vessel navigation
  • Diver positioning during construction or inspection activities

Representative Projects

Pier Inspection Fig. 4

Pier Inspection: Thule, Greenland

The U.S. Air Base in Thule, Greenland is the US Military’s northernmost installation with the world's northernmost deep-water port.  The port is open for only a few months each year during which time all bulk cargo and fuel bound for ...