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Underwater Infrastructure Inspections

OSI has accomplished various underwater structure inspections employing either diver-held video or ROV equipped with a laser ruler, sediment blaster, cathodic protection probe, and color video. Underwater videography is collected using the ROV’s built-in wide-angle color camera. All video data are recorded and displayed in real-time on a color monitor onboard the survey vessel. Vehicle position (derived using a USBL) and other various survey statistics are displayed as an overlay to the video allowing correlation with previously acquired site survey data and video trackline time stamps.

Representative Projects

Ocean Outfall Fig. 2

Ocean Outfall Monitoring: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ocean Surveys provided water quality monitoring services at an ocean outfall monitoring site to support a 301(h) Waiver and Mixing Zone Validation Study offshore Ponce, Puerto Rico. OSI field teams conducted 11 quarterly surveys at the Ponce effluent outfall.  Services ...