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Volume Calculations

OSI is well-versed in sediment and water volume calculation methods and applications. We have broad experience analyzing volume differences for dredge payment reports, creating time series difference maps to highlight sediment erosion and deposition, and calculating siltation rates in reservoirs as a function of reservoir age.

Representative Projects

Charting Navigable Waterways Fig. 8

Charting Navigable Waters

Ocean Surveys was a subcontractor to the prime on NOAA’s very first contracted hydrographic survey.  Since 1999, OSI has acted as a prime contractor and surveyed thousands of square nautical miles of navigable waters on behalf of NOAA (see table ...
Reservoir Analysis Fig. 2

Reservoir Safe Yield Analysis: Lynchburg, Virginia

To support a reservoir siltation analysis of the Pedlar Reservoir, Ocean Surveys performed a detailed hydrographic survey and calculated the existing capacity. Following completion of the survey, a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the reservoir bottom surface was created and ...