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Turbidity Monitoring

OSI has monitored turbidity levels for a variety of projects including underwater cable burial, dredging operations, river modeling projects, and environmental assessment.

OSI uses a variety of instrumentation and methods to measure turbidity including CTD-mounted optical backscatter, In-situ sonde mounted optical backscatter and ADCP acoustic backscatter. The data collected from these instruments are calibrated using water samples taken during the survey to provide a site-specific relationship between backscatter measurements and in situ concentrations.

Representative Projects

TSS Fig. 1

Total Suspended Sediment Monitoring: Long Island Sound

Ocean Surveys conducted Total Suspended Solids (TSS) monitoring during the removal and replacement of submarine electric transmission cables between Northport, New York and Norwalk, Connecticut. The cable burial operations were conducted using "jet plows". The TSS monitoring was conducted in ...