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Water Quality Monitoring

OSI maintains a large inventory of water quality monitoring sondes capable of recording time series measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, and fluorescence at multiple depths over long-term deployments. This equipment also enables synoptic sampling over a broad area within a project site. OSI’s water sampling capabilities include a number of multi-parameter CTDs and in situ sampling bottles including a custom built, large-volume rosette.

Representative Projects

Ocean Outfall Fig. 2

Ocean Outfall Monitoring: Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ocean Surveys provided water quality monitoring services at an ocean outfall monitoring site to support a 301(h) Waiver and Mixing Zone Validation Study offshore Ponce, Puerto Rico. OSI field teams conducted 11 quarterly surveys at the Ponce effluent outfall.  Services ...
Thermal Plume Fig. 1

Thermal Plume Study: Ontario, New York

Ocean Surveys conducted a field investigation of the cooling water discharge plume from the Robert E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant. This work was undertaken to determine the location and extent of the thermal plume in Lake Ontario. The data collected ...
Wastewater Treatment Fig. 6

Wastewater Treatment and Disposal: Alexandria, Egypt

The wastewater treatment and disposal facilities serving the City of Alexandria, Egypt were being modernized and upgraded. Feasibility studies required thorough evaluation of wastewater disposal alternatives, including an ocean outfall. To support that evaluation, OSI conducted a multi-disciplinary survey program ...
Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York

Water Quality Monitoring: Hudson River, New York

Ocean Surveys performed a multi-parameter oceanographic investigation of the Hudson River in the vicinity of the Tappan Zee Bridge near Tarrytown, New York. The investigation included acquisition of water quality data, dye tracer studies, a water circulation survey, and a ...